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SF Book Revus ISFDB, ISFDB-2
Future Fiction - Book Revus The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
Cynic's Corner (Archive) Canadian SF Guide
The Agony Column The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Clichés
NESFA: Members' Reviews Richard Lynch's Preliminary Outline for a Proposed Fan History Book of the 1960s
Wisse: Several years of Books Internet Resources for SF & F
1 ThunderChild: SF&F at Project Gutenberg
-- Homepages -- Tales of Future Past
Nicholas Whyte SF Pages Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections (pre 1984)
Simon Bradshaw's Home Page SFF: Scientific Papers by Geoffrey A. Landis
Justin B Rye Homepage Alien OnLine
SadGeezer Cult SF OED SF Project
TruFen MSFS: Minnesota Science Fiction Society
-- Magazines -- SFF Net
SciFi Weekly SF Site
Parsec N-SF: Nanotechnology in Science Fiction
Locus mag Orion's Arm
Ansible SF-Lovers
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Weird Magazines Strange Horizons

SF on TV, Video

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Paramount Startrek B5 Quotes Andromeda
ST:Enterprise The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 Andromeda Episode Guide
TrekWeb B5 UK MiniFAQ x
TrekToday Canada's B5 Info Pages x
Official Jeri Ryan Homepage Warner Bros B5 Site -- Tolkien --
Vidiot STrek B5 Encyclopedia Middle Earth Vault
D.J. Creighton's Star Trek Archive JMS News Lord of the Rings (The Movie Site)
StarTrek FAQs B5 Legend of the Rangers LOTR Movie
x B5 Encyclopedia Xena on Lord of the Rings Movie
-- Star Wars -- B5 Tech Manual x
Starwars The First Ones - B5 -- Misc TV --
Starwars Official site x GEOS - SciFi TV
Star Wars - The Force x Infinite Matrix
x BBC Dr.Who SF Movies
x Outpost Gallifrey [Dr Who] WOTW Book Covers

SF Writers

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TOR SF Authors Links David Brin
Harlan Ellison Kathleen Ann Goonan
Connie Willis Greg Egan
Wil McCarthy Karl Schroeder
Charlie Stross John Varley
Neil Gaiman's Journal Scott Gier - Genellan
Ken MacLeod: The Early Days of a Better Nation Matt Hughes
Paper Sky - Jo Walton's Blog James Alan Gardner
Rudy Rucker Peter Krausche
Thomas Harlan China Mielville
Julie Czerneda James Alan Gardner
The Theodore Sturgeon Page Philip Pullman
SF Novelists (blog 19+ writers) A.E. van Vogt info
Kristine Kathryn Rusch Andrew Wheeler (SF editor)
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