Fair Warning

Recently I had a nightmare in which I was a graphic artist about to put on a show. I was wandering through the small half underground gallery looking at my work. Instead of drawings, there were bloody shoulders, elbows, haunches --- pieces of my body mounted under spot lights on the walls. Some how this seemed completely normal. By some unquestionning dream logic, I was still whole. I walked all around the gallery gazing at these pieces before I went outside to meet some friends --- which was when I woke up.

Publishing a book partakes of a sliver of the same energy. You put your vitals, your heart and soul, wrapped in your thoughts, ideas and feelings, on intimate display for others' judgement. I do not have any particular pretensions of being a great writer, but several times in my life I have found writing necessary to order and record my thoughts. I hope you will find some worth in my endeavours.

Last summer some health issues cropped up for me. The creative fires dimmed, but luckily I had already finished _The Bottleneck Years_.

When my publisher quit talking to me, I decided to go the ebook route. [Eventually I will do the same with _Monoculture_ and _Permaculture_ as well.] I will make it known when _The Bottleneck Years_ is available in ebook formats (pdf and epub).

The book is 350 pages, organized into 103 relatively short chapters. After some discussion with Coby, I propose to publish it here, a chapter a week.


Last modified July 31, 2012