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Enough people have asked me about the status of my writing lately that I decided to set up a dedicated page to answer the common questions.


Water is a meditation on extinction. The Canadian release date was May 17, 2007. The American release was October 2007.

The Thistledown blurb on the novel is here.

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A Spiral of Questions

Monoculture is more or less finished. It is a projection of a near singularity event, seen from the perspective of a veteran who is unable to forget the horrors he has seen.

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Permaculture is more or less finished. It asks what form might a long-term ecologically viable culture take?

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Implant is more or less done. It is a chronicle of civilization's collapse into a dark age seen from the point of view of an AI cortical implant. (short story)

So far, it is sitting on the shelf.


Emily is the story of an older woman dealing with telepathic overlords and a miniature alien. (short story)

So far, it is sitting on the shelf.

The Bottleneck Years

The Bottleneck Years is finished. It asks the question: What will happen if major climate feedbacks kick in and the climate situation becomes a lot worse?

Through the private journal of Luc Fontaine, a scientist at the centre of the struggle to salvage human civilization, the desperation, scope and intensity of the battle are driven home. The battle is fought in terms of scientific invention, agricultural innovation and geoengineering.

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Thoughts, Memories, Imaginings

I am working on Thoughts, Memories, Imaginings with my left hand, so to speak, while I work on other things . It is a collection of memoirs, short stories and opinion pieces on a variety of subjects, intended primarily for friends and family.

It will probably never be complete.

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